The Catalonia-Lebanon Association (ACL) is a secular organization whose main objective is explain the political, social and cultural situation in Lebanon and disseminate the solidarity and cooperation actions carried out from Catalonia.

What do we do?


  • We promote the defence of human rights and we work to achieve full equality between men and women.
  • We work on cooperation projects in Lebanon facilitating access to social and healthcare services for people in vulnerable situations.
  • We promote and coordinate emergency aid campaigns for Lebanese people facing humanitarian crises or natural disasters.
  • We encourage the inclusion of groups coming from Arab countries, Lebanese citizens in particular, into the Catalan society. To do this, we promote mutual knowledge between communities through awareness-raising and training activities.
  • We give visibility to Arab artists and their work in the fields of painting, music, writing, dance and interpretation by organizing cultural events.

In Lebanon, we work with the following organizations:


  • Lebanese Popular Aid (SPL)
  • Lebanese Women’s Rights League (LLWR)
  • Mousawat Association – Wardeh Boutros for Women’s Work (MWB)
  • Lebanese National Federation of Worker and Employee Unions (FENASOL)
  • Association for the Construction of Solidarity and Social Care (ACSAS)


ACL has partnered with different networks working for global justice and integration including organizations such as lafede.cat, Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen de la Solidarité (Euro-Mediterranean Solidarity Network) or the Consell Municipal de la Immigració de Barcelona (Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council).